Pacifica Quinoa Sensitive Super Gentle Face Wash Review:

Good morning glamour babes and happy hump day! Today I decided to mix things up a bit and talk about skin care, preferably Pacifica’s Quinoa Sensitive Super Gentle Face Wash ($10) available at Ulta Beauty.

This is one of the newest face washes from the Pacifica skincare line and all I can is, it’s the BOMB ????!!! I’m going to give my readers a breakdown of my skin type, you ready for this? I hope so. It’s oily/sensitive, with a mild case of adult cystic acne. For those of you who have not had this type of acne, thank your lucky stars! It is uncomfortable and quite painful when these pimples begin to form, how I love living my teenage years through my adult hood, lol! Getting back to face wash, I use the Quinoa Sensitive (night time) in conjunction with Pacifica’s Kale Detox face wash (day time use, specifically helps with acne), and the combination has been working wonders.

My skin is horrifically oily, and the duo has cut oil production down immensely without robbing me blind of all my natural oils. I’m sure we all know that dry tight feeling after a good face cleansing, not with these though, my skin is soft and hydrated afterwards. For $10 there is a great amount of product in this 5oz tube, and a little goes a long way, I purchased my tube in March and its still a quarter of the way full, pretty impressive. Loaded with natural herbal extracts like Quinoa, Aloe, and Calendula,

these three help calm, cleanse, and balance skin gently yet effectively without over drying or aggravating the skin. Also, this trio of herbs have great anti-inflammatory properties which is excellent for acne prone skin! Hahhhzahhh! Seriously, when I tell you boys and gals how inflamed my skin becomes when my cystic acne decides to come by for a visit, it’s angry and agitated, what a greeting ?. This face wash seriously helps calm that nastiness down by a lot, no foolin, and cleans makeup away beautifully with no residue or greasy film, keeping my breakouts down to a minimum, and keeping away new ones from forming, take that! Unexpected company arriving on my face! The consistency of the product itself has a gelatinous texture, it almost feels slippery, and lathers nicely,

and omg! It smells like fruity pebbles, so please try to refrain yourself from trying to squeeze the contents of the bottle into your mouth, as good as it smells it sure doesn’t taste like the beloved cereal us kidults secretly love, lol. If you have been curious to try Pacifica’s Quinoa Sensitive Face Wash, I’m saying go for it! Apart from my awesome review of this stuff, it works for all skin types especially sensitive, is pretty darn affordable, it’s cruelty free, vegan, and is jam packed with all natural herbs and extracts to keep skin looking it’s best, while gently washing away toxins and pollution that our beautiful complexions come across everyday. Clean skin is happy skin! Stay beautiful, xo.

Pacifica Glow Baby Youthful Face Scrub Review


Hey, Hey Glamour Babes! I cannot believe I have been M.I.A. for over two months!! My apologies once again guys and dolls. The daily grind of everyday life has been getting in the way of writing, sigggghhhhh. But I am glad to say that I found sometime today to write a rave review just for you on Pacifica’s Glow Baby Youthful Face Scrub ($14) that you can purchase at Ulta Beauty.image

I have tried many face scrubs in the past and not one has exceeded my expectations. Some were just to harsh, scrubbing half my flesh off leaving me raw and sore (ouch! ?). As the others I purchased were not abrasive at all, leaving me dull and lacklustered with a lovely oily overlay of residue on my face (YUCK! ?). Well I can finally say Pacifica’s Glow Baby Scrub does it all in a nutshell. What does this AMAZZZINNNGGG face scrub do?! Well let me tell you. It removes impurities, toxins, and debris from your skin gently yet effectively while giving your skin a youthful, healthy glow, and that’s no lie lovies! I purchased this scrub when it was released and Ulta was having a great sale on the Pacifica skincare line, BOGO (currently going on now) baby. So, I got this wonderment of a jar for only $7, Jackpot! image

Formulated with Walnut, Rose Hips, and Flax, this lovely 1.5 oz jar contains a paste of a lightweight consistency and is easy to apply without all the mess some scrubs in a jar can create. Please do not be alarmed by the amount in my jar lol.


That is from two months of usage and I did buy another one and it is filled to the brim waiting to be used ?. Let me just tell you right off the bat the scent is divine due to the Rose Hips and its not overly pungent since it is an au-naturale product. I only need to use this scrub once a week and the results are incredible. Seriously, a good one minute facial massage on my skin in circular motions and everything is sloughed away. My skin looks brighter, healthier, and dewy in as little as 60 seconds!


Oh and my oily pores look a heck of a lot smaller too. Thought I should mention that if your suffering from larger pores dearies. Well, What do you think?! Does this stuff not work or what?! It’s also fantastic on your décolletage and arms as well if you need to look your best for an important engagement like a wedding or your own wedding lol ?. I only know this because I scrubbed from head to toe with this stuff for a wedding and I received a ton of compliments on how flawless and bright my skin looked. Did I go to a spa? what’s your secret to beautiful skin? Ummmmm….My shower and Pacifica’s Glow Baby Face Scrub! Holla! ?? This scrub is perfect for all skin types, and with the holidays drawing near it can be a great gift or stocking stuffer for those Pacifica lovers in your lifestyle……just sayin ?. Now go on and get your glow on! Stay beautiful, xo.


Trader Joe’s Nourish Antioxidant Facial Serum Review:

Your skin is going to feel luxurious and velvety smooth glamour babes thanks to Traders Joe’s nourish antioxidant facial serum ($10). This all natural silicone based 1fl oz tube with encapsulated Vitamin C beads is packed with all the antioxidants (Coenzyme Q10,Green Tea, Vitamin E, Grapefruit Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Gingo Bilboa Extract) your skin needs to fight free radicals. I will admit I can be a serum snob from time to time (hides in shame) since I try to stray away from products that contain a ton of chemicals that most drugstore brands carry (neutrogena, olay, clearasil, etc..) and sometimes I do have to break open my piggy bank for something more beneficial to my skin without the harsh irriatnts. So, when I received my Trader Joe’s fearless flyer via email I was intrigued to read that their nourish skin care line (face wash, moisturizer, and serum) was one: super affordable, two: all natural, and three: ITS A SERUM!!! I was on that like white on rice. Ladies, this is my new serum and possibly my new best friend. This stuff is amazing and I cannot believe I can just pick this little treasure up at the grocery store. When using facial serums I usually notice that my skin has a slick, oily feel afterwards, but not with this one. The serum is super light weight and absorbs quickly into your skin that hydrates on the spot. This did not clog my pores nor did it give me a chain reaction of breakouts causing me to reminisce about the good ole days of my teenage youth. I have been using this serum for about a month now and my skin has changed immensely. It’s softer, more radiant, no more dry patches, and has evened out my complexion.  

 I would not call this a serum though, it is more like a gel that feels like it has a dense texture due to the silicone, but goes on light as a feather. It also has a subtle refreshing smell of citrus fruit like grapefruit or oranges. A little does go a long way with the antioxidant facial serum. I use about 1 to 2 small pea size pumps (photo shown) a day and I still have not put a dent in the tube. And, one more thing, be sure to shake out the air bubbles from the product. Otherwise you will be standing there for all eternity trying disperse your product out of the tube. I learned this the hard way and all I had to do was read the back of the packaging, which it clearly stated to do! You live and learn, or in my case learn to be more patient. Trader Joe’s antioxidant serum is perfect for all skin types including those who are sensitive prone. After reading this kind of nourishing news I would like to think you may just want to try this one out for yourselves. Stay beautiful! Xo


Farmhouse Fresh Body Milk Review

I discovered this company five years ago during one of my trips to the IBS show in NYC at the Jacob Javitz center in the Estheticians department and it was love at first sight. I felt like I stumbled across the land of milk and honey for this was like no other place I have seen before. From their bold and beautiful setup full of merriment and whimsical delight, to their beautiful yet sweet packaging (spout pouring cruets, mason jars, glass soda pop bottles, jam lids) that was made with love and creativity, this had me curious for more and I wanted to know what this lovely company was all about (the warmest business woman/owner I ever met). The Farmhouse Fresh company began in 2009 and has been booming ever since and have won many prestigious beauty awards over the years (Redbook’s Most Valuable Beauty Product, Daily Candy’s Best of Beauty, Oprah’s O-List, and Elle Canada’s Hot List). There headquarters reside in Texas and all of their products are made with up to 99.6% natural and naturally derived ingredients that contain no sulfates, paraben, mineral oil, gluten and they are cruelty free! I swear by this comany and I hope you’ll see the amazing benefits they have to offer you. So, do yourselves a favor glamour babes and do your body good with Farmhouse Fresh Body Milk (full size 10oz $26-$28). Choose from four heavenly scents (sweet cream, fresh melon, ginger sorbet, and backcountry caramel) and spoil your skin in milky goodness. As hard as it was to choose from the scents because they smell so good and I wanted to take them all home to play with my shower. I went with sweet cream (the smell of fresh baked goods) and fresh melon (a bowl of summer sweetness) in the travel size version (thank you Farmhouse Fresh and Carolyn for the samples). 

The lotions have a nice light weight creamy like milky texture that hydrates your skin leaving no heavy or greasy feel behind. It absorbs quickly revealing nothing but velvety goodness to your arms, legs, hands, and feet. They also contain antioxidants and vitamin rich moisturizers to help soothe dry chapped skin such as rice bran, jojoba, sweet almond, primrose, coconut, sunflower seed, avocado, and sesame oils. Are you seeing the farms benefits yet?! Each travel size lotion comes in a mod printed 2.4 fluid oz tube that is dressed in a decorative box made with vegetable based ink that retail for $14.00. The body milk boxes have different slogans that always put a smile on my face when reading them. The fresh melon body milk says “our cows eat fruit cocktail” and the sweet cream body milk says “our cows eat cookies”. Seriously, how cute is that?! I literally felt every skin good ingredient that was in this lotion absorbing into my body. Within a week my skins overall texture was super soft, moisturized (all day long), and nourished in all the right places that needed tender, love, and care that it was thirsting for due to the harsh NYC winter weather. And let me not forget to mention how incredible I smelled. A nice light and soft natural scent lingered off me, I didn’t even need to wear perfume. Perfect for you ladies with sensitive noses this will not overwhelm your senses with cloyingly sweetness. If I could give Farmhouse Fresh an award it would be the milk of human kindness award. The love and compassion they put into each and everyone of their products shines through by being kind to people’s skin. Discover the benefits for yourself at, the farms waiting. Stay beautiful! xo